1. Translation of Multifaceted Data without Re-Training of Machine Translation Systems
    Hyeonseok Moon, Seungyoon Lee, Seongtae Hong, Seungjun Lee, Chanjun Park , Heuiseok Lim
    arxiv, 2024

  2. SAAS: Solving Ability Amplification Strategy for Enhanced Mathematical Reasoning in Large Language Models
    Hyeonwoo Kim, Gyoungjin Gim, Yungi Kim, Jihoo Kim, Byungju Kim, Wonseok Lee, Chanjun Park (Corresponding Author)
    arxiv, 2024

  3. Evalverse: Unified and Accessible Library for Large Language Model Evaluation
    Jihoo Kim, Wonho Song, Dahyun Kim, Yunsu Kim, Yungi Kim, Chanjun Park (Corresponding Author)
    arxiv, 2024

  4. Dataverse: Open-Source ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Pipeline for Large Language Models
    Hyunbyung Park, Sukyung Lee, Gyoungjin Gim, Yungi Kim, Dahyun Kim, Chanjun Park (Corresponding Author)
    arxiv, 2024

  5. sDPO: Don’t Use Your Data All at Once
    Dahyun Kim, Yungi Kim, Wonho Song, Hyeonwoo Kim, Yunsu Kim, Sanghoon Kim, Chanjun Park (Corresponding Author)
    arxiv, 2024

  6. Self-Improving-Leaderboard(SIL): A Call for Real-World Centric Natural Language Processing Leaderboards
    Chanjun Park, Hyeonseok Moon, Seolhwa Lee, Jaehyung Seo, Sugyeong Eo, Heuiseok Lim
    arxiv, 2023

  7. Language Chameleon: Transformation analysis between languages using Cross-lingual Post-training based on Pre-trained language models
    Suhyune Son (*), Chanjun Park (*), Jungseob Lee (*), Midan Shim (*), Chanhee Lee, Yoonna Jang, Jaehyung Seo, Heuiseok Lim 
    arxiv, 2022

  8. There is no rose without a thorn: Finding weaknesses on BlenderBot 2.0 in terms of Model, Data and User-Centric Approach
    Jungseob Lee (*), Suhyune Son (*), Midan Shim (*), Yujin Kim (*),Chanjun Park (*), Heuiseok Lim
    arxiv, 2022

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